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New Page: (Nov 2016)  PSOP: Will Canadians augment the German forces in Mali?
New Page: (Nov 2016)  Canadian capabilities & German helicopters for northern Mali
New Page: (Nov 2016)  Canadian capabilities & German air transport for MINUSMA

New Page: (Oct 2016) Canadian capabilities & Dutch UAVs & support vehicles in Mali
New Page: (Oct 2016) Canadian capabilities & Dutch unarmoured recce vehicles in Mali

New Page: (Sept 2016)  PSOP: Will Canadians replace the Netherlands forces in Mali?
New Page: (Sept 2016)  Canadian capabilities & Netherlands armoured vehicles in Mali
New Page: (Sept 2016)  Canadian capabilities and the Dutch air contingent in Mali

Updated Page: (Mar 2016)  Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) Project Timeline
Updated Page: (Mar 2016) A Browse-by-Subject index to the decade-old FWSAR Project

Past Page: (Feb 2016)  Canadian Arms Exports and Secrecy: Saudi LAV 6.0 variants
Past Page: (Jan 2016)  Canadian Arms Export Implications: LAV 6.0s for Saudi Arabia

Past Page: (Oct 2015) Royal Canadian Navy's corvette heritage and the current realities
Past Page: (Sept 2015) Foreign Offshore Patrol Vessel Series: Comparisons & lessons
Past Page: (Sept 2015) Irish OPVs: Proven STX PV80 design updated as Babcock PV90
Past Page: (Sept 2015) New Zealand OPVs: Planning/procurement lesson for the RCN?

Editorials & Opinions  Commentary by CASR Staff & Guests

New Page: (Nov 2016) PSOP:  MND Sajjan's visit to Mali and Senegal in West Africa

New Page: (Sept 2016) PSOP: Should Canada join a UN Peacekeeping Mission in Mali?

New Page: (May 2016) CSeries bail-out: Bombardier buildup or $1 Billion boondoggle?

Past Page: (Dec 2015) Rethinking National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy:  RCN
Past Page: (Nov 2015) NASP: Expanding the National Aerial Surveillance Program fleet
  Also See: (July 2014) Cost-effective specialization – A two-type fleet for FWSAR?

Past Page: (Oct 2015) Government responsibility & rebuilding the Royal Canadian Navy
Past Page: (Sept 2015)  Rebuilding the Royal Canadian Navy  –  Start with Corvettes

Past Page: (Aug 2015)  Australia to fill the 'gaps' with OPVs – the RAND report
Past Page: (July 2015)  New Cyclone role to keep up Canadian Naval Aviation tradition?

Past Page: (Apr 2015) AOPS & the Danes' semi-completed Knud Rasmussen class OPV
Past Page: (March 2015) Twin Options for Twin Otters: Simple Solutions are often Best

Past Page: (March 2015) Veteran's suggested changes to VAC Policies and Procedures
Past Page: (Feb 2015) Wounded but undefeated – Continuing service for Veterans

Government Documents  Procurement Docs & News Releases

New Page: (Sept 2016)  Danes successfully remove precursor chemicals from Libya

New Page: (Aug 2016)  Denmark's mission to remove chemical weapons from Libya

New Page: (July 2016)  Viking buys water bomber's Type Certificates from Bombardier
New Page: (June 2016)  Rheinmetall/Elta radar for Canadian Surface Combatant Project
New Page: (June 2016)  Norway's AW101 SAR Helicopter vs RCAF CH-149 Cormorant

Past Page: (Dec 2015) Spanish AOR supply ships leased for RCN East Coast use in 2016
Past Page: (Sept 2015) Fleet Pacific MCDVs' part in the annual Arctic military exercise

Past Page: (July 2015) With a little help from our friends: Chile leases the RCN an AOR
Past Page: (July 2015) With a little help from our friends: Spain leases the RCN an AOR
Past Page: (June 2015) The new Independent Review Panel for Defence Acquisition TOR

Past Page: (May 2015) BC Government funds CAN TF1 Heavy Urban Search & Rescue
Past Page: (May 2015) Easier said than done? Trying to help Nepal after the earthquake

Past Page: (April 2015) Delivery of  Denmark's 3rd Knud Rasmussen class Arctic OPV
Past Page: (Mar 2015) The 13-year-old FWSAR Project: Another Request for Proposals
Past Page: (Feb 2015) Cargo Hook & Onboard Weighing Systems for the CCG Bell 429

A Modest Proposal  – Alternatives to Conventional Procurement

New Page: (June 2016) When the Saudi LAV deal fails ... Canadian Army opportunity?
The failure of  Global Affairs'  Saudi LAV 6.0 export deal is a question of  'when' not  'if '.

New Page: (May 2016) 'Project Respite': Avoid 'orphan classes', build RCN capabilities
Chantier Davie's Project Resolve will create an 'interim' AOR.  How to build on that theme?

New Page: (April 2016) Canadian Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance option
Home-grown ISR Dash 8 conversions fitted with CP-140M Aurora's radar & E/O sensors.

New Page: (Mar 2016) Griffon grows up: 'Hot-and-high' helicopter capability for SOA?
Small numbers of UH-1Y Venoms specifically for 427 SOAS would benefit CANSOFCOM.

Past Page: (Nov 2015) Layered Approach to our Aerial SAR System – NASP Dash 8s
Also See: (Aug 2014) Search then Rescue: FWSAR Project interim solution – Rescue
Also See: (June 2014) Search then Rescue: FWSAR Project interim solution – Search

Past Page:  (Oct 2015) Floating an Idea – Mexeflote modular powered raft for Canada?
Past Page:  (Oct 2015) Interim Supply Ship: Permamant gap-filling for AOR shortfall?
Past Page:  (Oct 2015) Next Generation Fighter: Canada-Denmark Typhoon joint buy?

Past Page:  (April 2015) Scout & SOF: Bring back the Light Observation Helicopter
Past Page: (Mar 2015) Twin Otters for Twin Otters: Buying new makes financial sense
Past Page: (Jan 2015) Buy militarized Bell 429 helicopters for use on the new AOPS?

Strategic Overviews  Canada's key strategic challenges in review

New Page: (May 2016)  Wildfires – Provincial & Territorial approaches to air tankers
How waterbombers are organized in Canada and why it is different across the country.

New Page: (May 2016)  Fighting Wildfires – Federal and Provincial Preparedness
Another early start to wildfire season. Time for a new 'National Wildfire Action Plan'?

New Page: (April 2016)  Curtailing Chaos  –  21st Century International Peacekeeping
Niche capabilities Canada could contribute to international peacekeeping in the near future.

Past Page: (May 2015)  Disaster Response – Public Safety Canada's 'HUSAR Initiative'

Past Page: (Jan 2014)  Restore funding for Canada's Heavy Urban Search and Rescue

Past Page: (Jan 2014) Transport Canada National Aerial Surveillance Program (NASP)

Past Page: (Jan 2009) Trilateral Treaty: Joint jurisdiction over North America's Arctic?

  • Timeline: the Royal Canadian Air Force's Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Project
  • Timeline: the Joint Uninhabited Surveillance and Target Acquisition System Project
  • Timeline: Canadian Defence Procurement Agencies – From 1939 to the Present Day

Background Bulletins  DND Projects and Military Technology

New Page: (April 2016) Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance: CP-140M Aurora
The upgraded and 're-lifed' CP-140M Aurora as the RCAF's "strategic surveillance asset".

New Page: (April 2016) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance: the King Airs
Manned ISR on the small side: Leased King Airs, MAISR Project, and ex-USAF MC-12Ws.

New Page: (Mar 2016)  GLLE: DND's CH-146 Griffon Limited Life Extension Project
A 'Mid-Life' refurbishment and modest upgrade potential for the Griffon utility helicopters.

Updated Page: (Mar 2016) Fixed-Wing Search & Rescue Aircraft Replacement Project
Updated Page: (Jan 2016)  LAV UP – the LAV III Upgrade Project (and Saudi exports)

Past Page: (Oct 2015)  Davie's 'Project Resolve' – An interim AOR for Canada's Navy
Past Page: (Oct 2015) Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment: Supply ships and interim AORs

Past Page: (July 2015) New Canadian Ranger Rifle (NCRR) – the Sako Tikka T3 CTR
Past Page: (July 2015) New Canadian Ranger Rifle Project – Replacing the Lee-Enfield

Past Page: (June 2015)  Manned Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
Past Page: (March 2015) Re-Life: The RCAF CC-138 Twin Otter Life Extension Project
Past Page: (Feb 2015) DRDC's 'Smart Gun' & the Future Small Arm Research Project

Aerospace Industry  Canadian Aircraft & the Aerospace Industry

Past Page: (Aug 2015)  Ex-military transports into waterbombers fill an air tanker gap
Past Page: (July 2015) Fighting forest fires from the air: Size matters for waterbombers

Past Page: (June 2015) Global 6000 platform for Lockheed Martin/Raytheon JSTARS
Past Page: (Feb 2015) Global Special Mission Aircraft variants: Recce, MPA & SigInt

Updated Page: (July 2014) Index: Bombardier Dash 8/Q series special missions aircraft

Updated: (Nov 2013) Maritime Surveillance Aircraft: Boeing selects Challenger 605
Past Page: (July 2013)  Any room for Global Express Maritime Surveillance Aircraft?

  •  Browse-by-Subject index to CASR's Aerospace Industry articles.

Arctic  Sovereignty  The Future of Canada's Claims in the Arctic

Past Page (June 2015) Russian UAVs: Intro to the Russian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Introduction page to Russian drone programs which will also act as Russian UAV index.

Past Page (June 2015) Russian UAVs: The strategic reconnaissance UAVs and UCAVs
Soviet scale gives way to more realistic Russian strategic recce/combat drone programs.

Past Page (March 2015) Persistence of  Vision: Key to asserting National Sovereignty
Steve Daly identifies chokepoints along the Northwest Passage and suggests 'tripwires'

Past Page (Sept 2014) DRDC researchers prepare for future Arctic Operations
Canada's DRDC test rotary-wing UAV and UGVs in Joint Arctic Experiment 2014 trials.

Past Page (March 2014) Alaska's plan to truck LNG from its North Slope to Fairbanks
A case study in supplying liquefied natural gas in the Arctic. By Bill White (excerpted)

Past Page (March 2014) Inuvik: Small-scale LNG makes in-roads in Canada's far north
Excerpts from an article by Bill White from the US  Office of  the Federal Coordinator.

   •  Browse-by-Subject index to CASR's Arctic Sovereignty articles.

Other Subject Areas –  Archived Sections from the CASR website

DND 101 New Page: (Feb 2016)  Bell CH-146 Griffon,  Past Pages  CF in Afghanistan

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