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In  Detail  ~  Strategic  Context  ~  2008

Comparisons  –  NATO Allies  –  Current Danish Naval Projects  –  May / July  2008

An Overview of Current, On-Going Danish Naval projects 2005-2009

Like the Canadian Forces, Denmark's military have embarked on a process of transformation. The effects of this process are most dramatically seen in the new vessel construction for the KDM or Danish navy.  Six  new-build naval projects are underway in Denmark  –  three small patrol vessel types (all with some degree of  training role as well),  an icebreaking patrol type for use off of Greenland, frigate-sized combat support ships, and more conventional frigates.

The most recent Danish naval projects are:

 •  6  x  Standard Mk I  (Holm class)  hydrographical survey/training boats or MCM drones

 •  6  x  Standard Mk II  (Diana class)  surveillance/sovereignty patrol, SAR, and EOD boats

 •  2  x  Knud Rasmussen class  ice-resistant sovereignty / fisheries patrol and  SAR  OPVs

 •  2  x  Absalon class combat support ships (hybrid RO/RO vehicle/troop transport frigates)

 •  3  x  Iver Huitfeld class patrol frigates Absalon-based but with greater power & armament

 •  11  x  MHV 900 class Naval Home Guard vessels for coastal surveillance patrol and  SAR

Afghan Mission  –  Aerial Surveillance  –  Tactical UAVs  –  February  2008

Unattainable Aerial Vehicles?    The  Manley Report  and  UAVs

SperwerPredator,  and Afghanistan

CF  UAVs in Afghanistan  1:  Overview of  CU-161 Sperwer UAV in Afghanistan

CF  UAVs in Afghanistan  2: Predator and TUAV Replacements (or CF Alternative)

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