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Small UAV for Afghanistan  –  MERX NPP  –  November 2008

Small  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System ( SUAV ) for use by the CF  in Afghanistan   —   MERX  Notice of  Proposed  Procurement

Update: 06 April 2009 - As expected the SUAV contract was awarded to Boeing-Insitu.
This NPP is for the lease of an unspecified number of  SUAVs (small UAVs) for use in Afghanistan.  No public details are given other than a requirement for "90% operation- al availability, 12 hours on station, ability of the air vehicle to gather and transmit high quality imagery from a distance of 50km". Such requirements could be easily exceeded by the in-service SUAV, the Insitu ScanEagle –  with a communications range of over 100 km and an ability to remain on station for 15+ hours (total endurance is 20+ hours).

Leased  ScanEagles  now in  Kandahar are manned, in part, by the CF's  Small  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Troop. The SUAV Troop was stood up on 25 March 2008. After live flight training in New Mexico, SUAV Troop deploys to Afghanistan to operate the leased ScanEagle which are referred to as "Interim SUAV". The term is odd. Generally, the US term SUAV refers to lightweight hand-launched UAVs. In the previous DND classification, small UAVs were either micro or miniature  –  Tactical, MALE, and HALE were larger.

The most likely outcome of this NPP is a repeat leasing of  the Insitu ScanEagle. There may be future benefits to the choice. Currently, the ScanEagle employs optical or infrared cameras to produce full-motion video imagery.  That sensor  will soon be joined by a belly-mounted Synthetic Aperture Radar – the smallest such radar set in the world right now, ImSAR's  0.9 kg all-up  NanoSAR  (left).

The full text of  this NPP (as published on the MERX website) is reproduced below. ________________________________________

Small  Unmanned  Aerial  Vehicle  System   ( SUAV )
MERX  NPP  [ Notice of  Proposes Procurement ]

Reference Number                PW-$ATP-003-17801
Solicitation Number              W8486-09MGSL/A
Organization Name               Public Works and Government Services Canada
                                                 Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada
Source ID                               FD.DP.QC.10077.C2
Associated Components     Yes


Published     2008-11-06
Revised        —
Closing         2008-12-05  02:00 PM  Eastern Standard Time  EST


Category     Aerospace
Region of Delivery            Ontario
Region of Opportunity     —
Agreement Type                NONE
Tender Type                       Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP)
Estimated Value                  —
Solicitation Method           —

Notice Description

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (SUAV)

Trade Agreement:  NONE
Tendering Procedures:  All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Attachment:  YES (MERX) Electronic
Competitive Procurement Strategy:  Best Overall Proposal
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement:  No

Nature of Requirements:

Sinkinson(003atp), John
Telephone No. - (613) 943-3492 ( )
Fax No. - (613) 944-7870


On behalf of Departement of National Defence (DND), Small Unmanned Air Vehicle service to Support Canadian troops during training and current operations. Major Project Milestones, Contract Award planned for late January 2009, Initial Operating Capability 120 days after contract award. Major requirements: 90% operational availa- bility, 12 hours on station, ability of the air vehicle to gather and transmit high quality imagery from a distance of 50km.

All Solicitation annexes and appendixes are also available in Microsoft Office format in the CD available from MERX. However, the MERX PDF version of these annexes and appendixes have precedence over the CD version. Government Furnished References are also included on the CD.

Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.


Contracting Authority

Name        Sinkinson(003atp), John
Address   The New Two Seventy Albert,  270 Albert St. / 7th Floor
City           Ottawa
State / Province  Ontario
Postal Code K1A 0S5
Phone           (613) 943-3492 ( )

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