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Navy UAV Simulations — MERX NPP — Dec 2007/Nov 2009/Nov 2011

Simulating the Use of  'Autonomous Aerial Vehicles' (UAVs) Onboard Halifax Class Frigates  —  MERX  NPP Notification
Update Nov 2011: Having tested a ScanEagle from HMCS Charlottetown off NS, the RCN decided the frigate will carry this SUAV went it returns to Libyan waters.
Update: An Insitu ScanEagle was demonstrated from an MCDV in Oct/Nov 2009. This small UAV was launched,  flown,  then  recovered aboard  HMCS Glace Bay.
Maritime Command wants to experiment with shipboard UAVs (or 'Autonomous Aerial Vehicles'). DND has chosen their Hardware-In-the-Loop ( HIL ) simulator already. This is based on the Canadian- made Micropilot MP2028, claimed to be the world’s smallest UAV autopilot. [1]

The UAV launch and recovery techniques being investigated are not new, having been successfully used by Insitu's Scan Eagle.  First developed  for commercial fisheries tuna spotting, military Scan Eagles have been tested aboard Australian Armidale patrol boats where UAVs are launched from the bow catapult (right) and recovered by a SkyHook Retrieval System on the transom.[2]

Should the CF simulations translate into an actual Halifax class-based  'Autonomous Aerial Vehicle' system,  launch and recover of  the UAVs would probably both take place on the  frigates' after-deck or the  large  helicopter  landing deck. That  scenario  is some time off. The NPP refers only to simulations –  developing guidance strategies and then modelling  sea environments.

[1] From the Micropilot corporate website.  Micropilot is a small  firm located near Winnipeg.  The MP2028 autopilot weighs 28 grams and  measures  4 cm by 10 cm. The MP2028 package includes ground control software and cost around US$2000.
[2] RAN's retrieval system is essentially similar to the original Insitu type (above).

Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP) – Recovery and Use of  an  Autonomous Aerial Vehicle [a UAV]
onboard a  [Halifax class] Canadian Patrol Frigate.

Reference Number                PW-$QCL-017-9865
Solicitation Number              W7701-071722/A
Organization Name               Public Works and Government Services Canada
                                                 Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada
Source ID                               FD.DP.QC.10077.C2
Associated Components     Yes


Published     2007-08-10
Revised         —
Closing         2007-08-27  02:00 PM  Eastern Daylight Saving Time EDT


Category     Research and Development (R&D)
GSINS          AD917700: MILITARY
Region of Delivery            Quebec
Region of Opportunity     —
Agreement Type                None
Tender Type                       Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP)
Estimated Value                  —
Solicitation Method           —

Notice Description


Trade Agreement: NONE
Tendering Procedures: The bidder must supply Canadian goods and/or services
Attachment: None
Competitive Procurement Strategy: Best Overall Proposal
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
Nature of Requirements: W7701-071722/A


Background information:

The use of autonomous aerial platforms has garnered great interest for maritime forces. The ability of ships to defend themselves depends on their capability to detect threats with their sensors. Currently, sensors are installed on the ships' masts to position them as high as possible to aid early detection of threats. If the sensor height is a key factor to early detection, then it would logical to locate the sensors on aerial platforms. Furthermore, since navy ships operate in many different sea-state conditions, it is important that the aerial platforms are also capable of being operated under these conditions. The ability to launch and recover aerial assets like uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a prime concern.

The objectives of the work are:

The project consists of a parametric study based on a representative model of the maritime environment which will be used to determine the factors that affect the recovery of autonomous aerial vehicles onboard  [Halifax class] Canadian Patrol Frigates. The proposed guidance algorithms and the maritime environment model shall be integrated into a Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulator which is based on the Micropilot MP2028. A second objective is the development of guidance strat- egies that can be used by uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs) to monitor potential threats in maritime environments and initiate an intercept course. Field trials with autonomous aerial vehicles controlled by the MP2028 or MP2128 autopilots shall be carried out to validate the HIL simulator results.

Bidders will be evaluated on:

Technical proposal: 26 points (min.: 18/26)
Management proposal: 15 points (min.: 10/15)
Company experience: 59 points (min.: 42/59)
Global minimal score to be achived: 70/100

The compliant proposal with the best Quality Price Ratio will be recommanded for a contract award. All the work must be realized on the DRDC Valcartier site.

Bidders are advised that  effective June 9, 2003  the 1978  Treasury Board Policy "Science and technology  —  Contracting Out"  has been abolished, resulting in non-profit organizations and universities now having equitable access to compete for government science and technology requirements.

This requirement is not subject to the AIT (article 502.1.a).
This requirement is not subject to the NAFTA (annex 1001.1b-2A).
This requirement is not subject to the AGP-WTO (annex 4 of appendix 1).
This requirement is not subject to the CLCA as the services are not performed within any CLCA geographical area.

The intellectual property rights resulting from this work will be vested to the Crown.

The allocated budget is 75 000.00$ (plus GST). Period of contract: Contract Award to March 31st 2008.

This Public Works and Government Services Canada office provides procurement services to the public in both official languages.

Martine Mombleau
Supply Officer
Quebec Region
Telephone: 418-649-2819
Fax: 418-648-2209
Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

Constitution Square
350 Albert Street, Suite 1900
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0K3


Contracting Authority

Name                    Martine Mombleau
Address               Gare Maritime Champlain / Champlain Maritime Harbour
                              901, Cap Diamant 901, / Cap Diamant
City                       Québec
State / Province   Québec
Country                Canada
Postal Code         G1K 4K1
Phone                   (418) 649-2819 ( )
Fax                        (418) 648-2209

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