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Coastal Patrol – Canadian Coast Guard – CCG Procurement – 03 September 2009

Contract for  Canadian Coast Guard   Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels:
Damen Shipyards Announces $194M Award  for partner, Irving

DFO has announced their choice for new Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels. A $194M contract has been awarded to Irving Shipbuilding Inc of Halifax for nine 'Canadianized'  Damen Stan Patrol 4207. [1] These 9 Dutch-designed 42 m patrol boats will be built in Atlantic Canada for use in three Canadian Coast Guard Regions (Maritimes, Quebec, & Pacific).

Damen Shipyards  ( based in Gorinchem with naval yards in Schelde) has designed a range of patrol cutters ( including the USCG's  47 m FRC-B  mentioned in the press release ).  The Stan Patrol 4207, itself, is in widespread coast guard use.  This Damen patrol boat design is at the top end of  the desired size for MSPVs (originally listed as 37-to-42 metres). The hull of  the 4207 design is constructed of  welded steel while the superstructure is of aluminum.

Specifications for the new Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel / Damen Stan Patrol 4207
 Length overall:  42.80 m
 Beam overall:       7.11 m
 Depth at sides:    3.77 m
        Speed range:  23.0 - 30.0 knots (42.6 - 55.5 km/h)
  Power range:  4000 - 6000 bkW  (5364 - 8046 bhp)
  Ship's Boat:     RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat)  [2]

Also see the original 02 Mar 2005 DFO announcement on the Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel project (with CASR commentary)  and  Feb 2009  PWGSC press release / MERX  NPP.
[1] The original plan was for 8 MSPV in the water by 2010 (but only 4 were budgeted).

[2] Damen specifications list the "daughter craft" as a 7m long RHIB. This likely refers to the Stan Patrol 4207 variant with an aft ramp through the notched transom. MSPV illustrations show twin RHIBs  (likely smaller)  on aft deck-mounted cradles with davits and a hydraulic hoist.

Damen's news release on the MSPV contract award is reproduced below.

Mid Shore Patrol Vessel contract awarded to Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

02 September 2009

On the 2nd of September 2009 it was officially announced that Irving Shipbuilding Inc got awarded a contract by the Ministry of Public Works and Government Services of Canada for the construction of a series of  [9] Stan Patrol 4207 for the Canadian Coast Guard. The contract envisions nine vessels with an option for another three, of which the first vessel is to be delivered within 24 months after contract award [deliveries to run from 2011 to 2013]. Irving Shipbuilding Inc contracted Damen for the basic design.

The Damen Stan Patrol 4207 is a versatile [42 m] patrol vessel with an impressive track record. Since the first vessel was delivered in 1997 already over 25 have been delivered to Coastguard like organisation in the UK  [ as the HMRC 42m Customs Cutters ],  the Netherlands, Vietnam, Albania, Jamaica, Barbados.

Recently Damen has been awarded similar contracts, of  which the most significant involve the design for the Coastal Patrol Boat and the Fast Response Cutter-B [Damen 4708s] for the United States Coastguard, which are being built by Bollinger Shipyards.

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