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Medium Support Vehicle  –  MERX  –  CF Procurement  –  January  2009

Medium Support Vehicle System  (MSVS)   Tactical Truck —
MSVS  Standard Military Pattern (SMP) —  MERX  LOI Notice

The Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) project has lurched forward another ratchet.  This 'new' LOI  Notice requests responses to newly revised requirements and specifications for  Standard Military Pattern (SMP) replacements for MLVWs. This is the second revised LOI for the MSVS SMP. In the first revised LOI  for the SMP, the changes came from within DND. According to the revised  LOI, this time changes to technical specifications result from an evaluation of industry feedback.

Basic  requirements  remain: the 2 1/2 ton MLVW will  be replaced by 4.5 ton capacity vehicles (SMP and  civilian- pattern MilCOTS type). The MSVS must also be  proven in service with the army of a NATO ally ( 2M fleet  kms ).

Two other changes stand out from the previous LOI for the MSVS SMP. "Region of  Delivery" was listed as 'Ontario'. It is now listed as the National Capital Region and every province and territory of  Canada. The "Agreement Type" was listed as 'Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)'. Now it is listed as 'NONE'.  We can infer from this last change that not a single Canadian truck manufacturer is being considered as a potential bidder on MSVS. Perhaps not surprising.  Sterling will accept its last orders for vehicles on 15 Jan 2009 – the same day the LOI responses are expected. Western Star, which built the HESV,  shut down its Canadian operation years ago.

The LOI Notice's text  (as published on the MERX website)  is reproduced below:

Note: the original text of  this LOI  Notice is broken up with non-breaking spaces. Since these appear to be a failed attempt at copy-fitting rather than deletions, the non-breaking spaces  have been omitted  (along with some repetitive references ).

MSVS – Standard Military Pattern (SMP)  –  LOI
[ MLVW Replacement  Letters-of-Interest ]

Reference Number                PW-$$BW-007-18127
Solicitation Number              W8476-06MSMP/E
Organization Name               Public Works and Government Services Canada
Source ID                               FD.DP.QC.10077.C2
Associated Components     Yes


Published     2009-01-06
Revised         —
Closing         2009-01-30  02:00 PM  Eastern Standard Time  EST


Category                          Transportation Equipment and Spares
GSINS                               N2320: TRUCKS AND TRUCK TRACTORS, WHEELED
Region of Delivery         Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova
                                           Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, National Capital Region,
                                           Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Colum-
                                           bia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Agreement Type             NONE
Tender Type                    Letter  of  Interest  ( LOI )
Estimated Value               —
Solicitation Method        —

Notice Description

MSVS [ Medium Support Vehicle System ] –  Standard Military Pattern

Trade Agreement:                         NONE
Tendering Procedures:                
Attachment:                                                   None
Non-Competitive Procurement Strategy:  N/A - P&A/LOI Only
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement:   No

Nature of Requirements:

1.1   In June 2006, the Canadian government announced its commitment to streng- then Canada's military, in part by investing in medium sized logistics trucks need- ed to ensure the military remains capable of effective training, supporting domest- ic operations and sustaining deployed forces. This Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) Project is one of the Canada First Defence Procurement initiatives to support the Canada First Defence Strategy. It will enable the Canadian Forces to replace the existing Medium Logistic Vehicle Wheeled truck fleet.

1.2   As part of the Project, the Canadian Forces have a requirement to replace the current fleet of  Standard Military Pattern (SMP) medium lift trucks [ie: the MLVW, Medium Logistics Vehicle, Wheeled ]  and  trailers. This procurement will include the acquisition of a fleet of up to 1500 SMP vehicles, up to 150 armour protection systems kits, and 300 load handling system (LHS) trailers, plus options for addit- ional quantities. This fleet will comprise three variants: cargo, cargo with crane, and cargo with load handling system.


2.1   The purpose of this LOI is to:
  a. Confirm the continued interest of potential bidders who have self-identified as
  a result of an earlier LOI;
  b. Invite potential bidders to provide more detailed feedback to the MSVS Project
  on the current draft SMP specifications.
  c. Allow an opportunity for any other interested bidders who anticipate [that]
  they have the ability to meet the requirements to come forward; and
  d. Invite each potential bidder to host an additional information session to dis-
  cuss in detail the MSVS requirement and their proposed solutions with MSVS
  Project staff.

2.2   Recipients of this Letter of Interest are hereby advised as follows:
  a. This is not a Bid Solicitation, Request for Proposal (RFP), or a Call for Tender; Canada will not accept any proposal received as a result of this letter;
  b. Canada assumes no responsibilities or obligations in respect to the cost of
  preparing the response to this LOI; and
  c. Responses to this LOI shall in no way commit or bind Canada or the respond-
  ent to enter into any contractual relationship.

2.3   It should be noted by potential bidders that a portion of the technical specifi- cations for the SMP vehicle will be classified at the secret level. In order to obtain the classified portion of the technical specifications and prepare their proposals, bidders will be required to meet all the security requirements as per the Security Requirements Check List (SRCL) and contractual security clauses posted on the MSVS Project website. It is therefore imperative to initiate the security process as soon as possible by visiting the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate  (CISD) website at the following address: [now File 404, see below.]

[Note: the url listed above was obsolete at the time of publication. CIISD stood for the Canadian and International Industrial Security Directorate. In 2007, CIISD split into CISD and the International Industrial Security Directorate.  Now rebranded as PWGSC's Industrial Security Services, the url is: Bureaucrats regard these rebrandings as 'action'.  Taxpayers are unlikely to agree.]


3.1   Key Mandatory requirements for the SMP vehicle include, but are not limited to, the following:
  a. The vehicle's Base Chassis must be in-service with a NATO military force and
  have accumulated a total of at least 2 million kilometres on the fleet in conditions
  that are representative of the MSVS Project SMP vehicle mission profile;
  b. The vehicle must be tactically air transportable by a C-130 [Hercules] Aircraft;
  c. The vehicle must have a  [minimum]  payload capacity of ... 4.5 tonnes  (Cargo
  variant) and 8 tonnes  (Crane and LHS variant); and
  d. The vehicle must be capable of having an armour protection system installed
  (add-on or cab replacement) that protects occupants while located in the cab of
  the vehicle. Note that when the APS is installed, the vehicle is not specifically
  required to be tactically transportable by C-130 aircraft;

3.2   Industrial and Regional Benefits will be sought on the MSVS Project SMP
  procurement.  Bidders will be required to commit to 100% of the contract value
  in direct and indirect Industrial and Regional Benefits.

3.3   All SMP vehicle requirements [are included] in the draft technical specifica- tions for the MSVS Project that have been posted on the MSVS Project website at , in various iterations since October 2007. Industry feedback was solicited ... and the comments that were received were evaluated and revisions to the technical speci- fication have been posted on the website.


4.1  Potential bidders who have previously indicated their interest in participating
  in this project, are requested to provide the following:
  a. The name of the company,
  b. Company address, name, e-mail address and phone number of  the key point
  of contact,
  c. Company web home page if available, and
  d. An indication of the potential bidder's interest in hosting an additional inform-
  ation session to discuss in detail the MSVS requirement and their proposed solu-
  tions with MSVS Project staff.

4.2   Potential bidders who have not previously indicated their interest in partici- pating in this project and wish to respond to this LOI are requested to provide the following:  [... repeat of  Section 4.1 points a. through d., then ... ]
  e. Teaming Arrangements - details of the bidder's teaming arrangements, if
  f. Capability - a description of the bidder's ability to perform the work;
  g. Capacity - an indication of the bidder's ability to produce the quantity of
  vehicles required;
  h. Testing - an indication of the bidder's ability to test the vehicles in accordance with the specifications and documentation posted on the project website; and
  i. Support - a description of the bidder's maintenance and support capability (It is planned to have the service with the Canadian Forces for up to 20 years)

4.3   Response documents and supporting information may be submitted in either English or French ...

4.4   Responses may be forwarded either by email to or by mail to:

Medium Support Vehicle Systems Project Management Office
National Defence Headquarters,
105 Hotel de Ville, [circumflex omitted in original]
Gatineau Quebec, Canada, K1A 0K2
Attention: John L. Ridgeway, Public Works and Government Services Canada


5.1   Having examined the feedback and comments received to date, Canada has recently updated the specifications and documentation [on the MSVS] project website. To assist the project in the preparation of the final solicitation documents for the SMP vehicle, Canada now wishes to provide each potential bidder interest- ed in participating in any eventual RFP as the Prime Contractor with the opportun- ity to host an additional information session related to the SMP requirement on- site at their facilities. During these on-site visits, potential bidders will be provided with the opportunity to make presentations and demonstrations related to their capability to meet the SMP requirement. These presentations and demonstrations should include the vehicle systems, the armour protection systems, Integrated Logistics Support capabilities, life cycle support capabilities and any other areas that potential bidders may feel are important to the selection process. Ideally, on- site visits will be a maximum of 2 days in duration and take place during mid to late January 2009.

5.2   The on-site visits will allow companies to provide more detailed feedback to the MSVS Project on the current draft SMP specifications with particular emphasis on those areas where their vehicle solutions vary from the SMP requirements. As well, these on-site visits will give MSVS Project staff an opportunity to view first- hand a representative product ... (minimum one variant) and if possible, an oppor- tunity for a general ride-and-drive demonstration in that product.

5.3   Schedules for the on-site visits will be finalized with each interested potential bidder following receipt of their response to this LOI. Any information presented will be treated in a confidential manner [...]  It is expected  that  four members of MSVS Project staff will participate in each on-site visit.

5.4   Meetings will only be held with potential bidders that are interested in partici- pating in any eventual RFP as the Prime Contractor and who have demonstrated capabilities and capacities as potential vehicle suppliers. Other suppliers interest- ed in participating in the MSVS Project SMP procurement should approach poten- tial Prime Contractors rather than the MSVS Project office directly.

5.5   All potential bidders must be aware that MSVS Project will not present or re- lease new information during these on-site visits. These on-site visits are intended for participants to present comments related to this requirement to MSVS Project staff directly.

5.6   It is expected that potential Prime Contractors who elect to participate in the on-site visits will be represented by personnel cognizant of the draft SMP specifi- cations, be in a position to present feedback on the current specifications publish- ed on the MSVS Project website and any other pertinent areas of interest that may arise.

5.7   It must be emphasized that participation in the on-site visits will be at no cost to Canada, other than the travel costs to the on-site visit sites. There is no require- ment to participate in the on-site visits in order to participate in any eventual RFP, and the on-site visits themselves will have no effect on the evaluation of respon- ses to any eventual RFP.


6.1   The on-site visits with the MSVS Project staff will be held at the potential bidders' facility as early in 2009 as possible. For the purpose of confirming their availability and reserving a time period for their on-site visits, potential bidders
are requested to contact the PWGSC Contracting Manager for the SMP Vehicle Project, Mr. John L. Ridgeway, either by phone at 819-997-7181 or via e-mail at no later than 15 January 2009. The exact timing and location for the on-site visits will be confirmed at that time.

Delivery Date: 18/12/2008 ...

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