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CF Artillery Systems  –  MERX  –  CF Procurement  –  Dec 2008/Jan 2010

Long Range Precision Rocket System (LRPRS)  –  A Multiple- Launch Rocket System – MERX LOI Letter of Interest Notice
Update:  Long Range Precision Rocket System  has been pushed back to 2014-18.
This LOI notice is for a Long Range Precision Rocket System (LRPRS),  generally referred  to as a  Multiple-Launch Rocket System or MLRS. The LOI calls for information on seventeen LRPRS  launchers,  missiles,  associated equipment, ancillary vehicles, plus the usual in-service support and  training. The LOI gives no technical requirements (an SOR or Statement of Requirments  is to be developed  after receiving submissions from industry and submissions are expected to meet HLMRs or High-Level Mandatory Requirements spelled out in a non- public Annex A ).  Still, the object of  this LOI  is pretty clear.

This LOI  insists upon a  Military Off- The-Shelf (MOTS) rocket system with proven service with a NATO member. That immediately limits the field for an acceptable precision rocket system  (a term that happens to match the British Army usage for their Lockheed Martin MLRS on a US M270 tracked chassis). The rocket type may be predetermined but there is still a choice of  launchers.

The alternative is the wheeled HIMARS launcher. This system is based on a 5-ton FMTV truck. That vehicle also happens to be a strong contender for the Standard Military Pattern component of  the DND  Medium Support Vehicle System project. The LRPRS LOI may be viewed as an MSVS lead-in. Or it might be seen as another attempt by DND to 'single-source' by tailoring requirements to a desired outcome.

Long Range Precision Rocket System (LRPRS) – Letters of Interest ( LOI ) Notice


Reference Number                PW-$$RA-002-18077
Solicitation Number              W847L-08PM02/A
Organization Name               Public Works and Government Services Canada
                                      Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada
Source ID                               FD.DP.QC.10077.C2
Associated Components     Yes


Published      —
Revised         2008-12-23
Closing         2009-01-30  02:00 PM  Eastern Standard Time  EST


Category                          Armament
GSINS                               N1440:  LAUNCHERS, GUIDED MISSILE
Region of Delivery         Ontario
Region of Opportunity   —
Agreement Type             Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
Tender Type                    Letter  of  Interest  ( LOI )
Estimated Value               —
Solicitation Method        —

Notice Description

Long Range Precision Rocket System

Trade Agreement:                         Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
Tendering Procedures:                 —
Attachment:                                   None
Competitive Procurement Strategy:  N/A - P&A/LOI Only
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement:   No
Nature of Requirements:
Nature of Requirements:

Letter of Interest   Long Range Precision Rocket System (LRPRS)

1. GENERAL   The Canadian Forces (CF) intends to procure a new Long Range Precision Rocket System (LRPRS) and institutionalize this capability within the land forces. The purpose of this Letter of  Interest (LOI) is to communicate the Canadian Forces' preliminary requirements and solicit information and feedback from industry regarding the proposed solution. This feedback is requested to assist the Crown in finalizing the requirements and the procurement strategy and to gage industry's interest in this project.

2. BACKGROUND   A Long Range Precision Rocket System is an essential comp- onent of joint fire support and will complement other Canadian Forces land, naval and air systems currently in service or expected to enter service. The key to over- coming present and future battlefield threats is the ability to mass fires;  thereby reducing the enemy's ability to respond and manoeuvre, while maintaining the Canadian Forces' capability to conduct continuous operations. The [LRPRS] is expected to operate in a complex environment delivering precise munitions against threat targets while minimizing collateral damage.

The preferred option is to procure a fully developed and battle proven system [ – ] commonly referred to as a Military-Off-The-Shelf  (MOTS) to meet the preliminary list of  High Level Mandatory Requirements (HLMR). This course of action best offers an achievable and timely solution to address the identified deficiencies. The contractor is expected to supply the [LRPRS], perform the integration of  Canadian supplied components, and commit to the long-term [...] In-Service Support (ISS) to the system.

3. PROJECT SCOPE   The Long Range Precision Rocket System project intends to procure up to 17 launchers and associated medium to long-range missile systems. The [LRPRS] project scope will include, but is not limited to, the provision of: Launchers and missile systems; Ancillary Vehicles (i.e. launcher support vehicles and trailers); [Provide] spares and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for launcher, ancillary and missile systems (including repair and overhaul, deployed technical support, training and simulation for a period of two years; In Service Support for the launcher, ancillary and missile systems for the duration of their estimated life expectancy (ELE); and Project management and engineering services.

4. ROLE AND FUNCTION   The primary role of [LRPRS] is to provide indirect fire support to the Canadian Forces land force and to joint operations. [LRPRS] will provide a capability to deliver precision strike munitions at medium to long range.

5. CONSTRAINTS   To mitigate risk and reduce cost the project will only consider operationally fielded and proven systems [ie MOTS]. The proposed solution must be in use with a NATO nation in order to maximize interoperability, interchange- ability and supportability. The [CF] will acquire precision-guided munitions equip- ped with a unitary warhead; there is no intent to procure unguided or cluster munitions.

6. REQUIREMENTS   The [LRPRS] project is predicated on a set of high level fun- ctional and performance requirements. The list of preliminary high level mandatory requirements that a proposed system must meet is contained within Annex A.

7. SCHEDULE   When responding to this Letter of Interest the following schedule should be utilized as a baseline:  Contract Award (CA) fall 2010;  First delivery two (2) years after contract award;  Project Acquisition Complete 2014;  and   In Service Support (ISS) Phase 2014 onward.

8. SECURITY   Contractors are requested to indicate their ability, and  that of  any subcontractors, to accommodate personnel and facility security requirements, to- gether with controlled goods restrictions  (e.g. International Traffic in Arms Regu- lations (ITAR)), export licenses and [third] party release requirements. Contractors are to clearly identify any implications that may affect delivery of  the proposed solution in accordance with the Industrial Security Program of  [ PWGSC ].

9. [IRBs]   Direct commercial sales respondents are expected to commit to 100% of the contract value in direct and indirect Industrial and Regional Benefits.

10. REQUESTED INFORMATION This [LOI] is the first step in engaging industry. Contractors are encouraged to be innovative in their proposed method(s) of cap- ability delivery and support options.  Based on the requirements detailed in this document, the [LOI] seeks [...] the following information: Comments regarding the technical feasibility of the high level mandatory requirements detailed in Annex A; A technical description of the proposed solution along with a statement of capabi- lity illustrating how the proposed solution can achieve the high level mandatory requirements detailed in Annex A; Provide the estimated life expectancy in years of the system (including the munitions); Provide details about other nation's use of the system to include the in-service date(s) and quantity procured; and Provide details about the maturity of the system [...], and confirm [...] delivery schedule.[...]

11. NOTE TO INTERESTED FIRMS   This is not a bid solicitation and no contract will result from this Letter of Interest. Requirements are subject to change, based on the evolution of the Statement of Operational Requirement (SOR), which may be derived from information provided in response to this Letter of Interest [...]

12. INQUIRIES   All inquiries and other communications related to this LOI shall be directed exclusively to the [PWGSC] Contracting Authority. [...]

13. CLOSING DATE [...] not later than 30 January, 2009. [...]

14. CONTRACTING AUTHORITY   All communications concerning this Letter of Interest must be directed to the Contracting Authority,

Mr. Phil McGrath
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Land, Aerospace and Marine Systems & Major Projects Sector
Electronics, Munitions and Tactical Systems Procurement Directorate
Place du Portage, Phase III, Floor 8C2
11 Laurier Street
Gatineau, Quebec
K1A 0S5
Telephone:   (819) 956-0486
Fax:   (819) 956-5650   [...]

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