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Coastal Patrol – Canadian Coast Guard – CCG Procurement – September 2009

Contract for  Canadian Coast Guard   Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels:
Fisheries & Oceans  Announces  Award  for  Irving  Shipbuilding

DFO has announced the decision on their much-delayed  Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel project. The contract has been awarded to Irving Shipbuilding Inc of Halifax in the amount of  $194M.  Nine MSVPs  are  to  be delivered  between 2011 and 2013 – compared with the 12 MSPVs originally announced.   Irving will  build all  nine of  the new MSPVs in Atlantic Canada  ( likely in Halifax ).

The MSPV as built by Irving won't be an original design. Instead, this new Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel will  be a slightly  'Canadianized ' version of  the Damen Stan Patrol 4207.

Also see the original 02 Mar 2005 DFO announcement on the Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel project (with CASR commentary)  and  Feb 2009  PWGSC press release / MERX  NPP.

DFO's backgrounder on the MSPV contract award is reproduced below.

New Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels

September 2009

The Government of  Canada has awarded a $194 million contract for nine new mid- shore patrol vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard. All of the new vessels will be built in Canada by Irving Shipbuilding Inc., of Halifax... Funding for these new vessels was committed by the Government of  Canada in previous annual federal Budgets.

Preliminary work will begin immediately. The first vessel should be ready for service in 2011. All nine vessels will be delivered by 2013.

Five of  the mid-shore patrol vessels will be used primarily to support  Department of Fisheries and Oceans conservation and protection programs in the Maritimes, Quebec and  Pacific [ British Columbia ]  Regions.

The other four [new MSVPs] will be used in a joint program with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police  (RCMP)  to enhance maritime security along the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway system. Since this joint maritime security program was announced in Budget 2007, aging Coast Guard vessels have been performing duties on an interim basis. The new mid-shore patrol vessels will provide a permanent platform for the Coast Guard and RCMP Officers to do their work.

About the new vessels

These new mid-shore patrol vessels are a new type of  vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard. Each vessel will support a crew of eight and up to six RCMP Officers or Fishery Officers. Each vessel will be approximately 43 metres in length, have a top speed of 25 knots [ 46 km/h ] and a range of  2000 nautical miles [ 3700 km ], and  be able to stay at sea for two weeks without reprovisioning.

With greater speed and range, and the ability to better operate in difficult environ- mental conditions, these new vessels will be able to perform duties more efficiently.

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