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This CASR  Background Index covers Canadian Forces UAV tests, trials, and deployments as well as DND's UAV procurement projects and  UAV leasing programs. Within major UAV project sections (mini UAVs, JUSTAS, etc), past and potential UAV candidates are covered.

Note that the various UAV pages listed below are arranged by subject, not chronologically.

Background  —  Canadian Forces UAVs

•  The Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project
CFEC began UAV testing in April 2002. Requirements for mini-, tactical-, and MALE UAVs.

•  Made in Canada – Canadian-designed UAV types and Canadian Army's use of  drones
Overview of  Canadair's CL-89 Midge and CL-289 TUAVs, and CL-227 the Sentinel VTUAV.

UAV  Test-Drives – the Canadian Forces' Ongoing Experimentation with UAVs

 • Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre  Trials Participants  The CF tests a mini-UAV
(FQM-151A Pointer), tactical UAV (I-GNAT), and vertical take-off UAV (CL-327 Guardian)

•  Canadian Forces struggles towards operational UAVs: Ongoing developments and trials Working out Sperwer's bugs in Kabul and  MALE UAV maritime surveillance experiments.

 • Leased UAV – EADS / IAI Malat CU-160 Eagle  A single Israeli MALE UAV leased for PLIX, the Pacific Littoral ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Experiment.

 • Leased UAV – General Atomics CU-163 Altair  A single US Predator variant leased for ALIX, the Atlantic Littoral ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Experiment.
 –  Also see: ACR CU-167 Silver Fox below, a mini-UAV purchased for the CF ALIX trials.

Tactical UAVs – SAGEM CU-161 Sperwer TUAV and CU-162 Vindicator TUAV trainer

 • SAGEM CU-161 Sperwer Tactical UAV – Origins and development  The technology and background behind Sperwer, the Canadian Forces' first, rather trouble-prone Tactical UAV.

 • SAGEM CU-161 Sperwer Tactical UAV  –  Deployment to Afghanistan  'Sparrow Hawk' goes to Kabul (and then to Kandahar) but Sperwer is found wanting wherever it turned up.

 • Meggitt CU-162 Vindicator UAV Trainer  Designed for use as a target drone, Meggitt's Vindicator were also used as familiarization trainers for the Surveillance Acquisition Group.

Mini UAVs – Canadian Forces Tactical Reconnaissance in Miniature

 • Fly-Weights – the Canadian Forces' Mini-UAV Contest.  Timid first steps led DND to the Elbit Skylark mini-UAV in March of 2006 – a 'MUAV' replacement contest is now underway.

 • ACR CU-167 Silver Fox  Selected by CFAC, DND bought Silver Fox mini-UAVs in April 2004. The CU-167 also participated in the Atlantic Littoral ISR Experiment in August of 2004.

 • Mini UAV Candidate – IAI Malat I-View  I-View UAVs are distinguished by a 'power-on' landing technique, using a para-foil  for extra lift. Electric-powered I-View 50 was proposed.

 • Mini UAV Candidate – Boeing-Insitu ScanEagle.  The most radical  mini-UAV candidate, the hook-landed ScanEagle later served in Kandahar as a contractor-operated  'Small  UAV'.

 • Mini UAV Candidate – Elbit Systems Skylark  This hand-launched Israeli mini-UAV was the winner of the CF's Mini-UAV contest. It entered service as the CU-168 Skylark in 2006.

 • Mini UAV Contest – 2012/2013  Intended  to provide the Canadian Army with a Skylark replacement, MDA announced an order for AeroVironment Raven-B UAVs on 29 Oct 2013.

Micro UAVs – Canadian Forces DRDC field trials for 'Autonomous Robotic Platforms'

 • Draganfly Innovations Draganflyer X8 Micro UAV.  A 'Man-Portable Electric Rotocraft'.

JUSTAS  –  the Joint Unmanned Surveillance Target Acquisition System Project

 • Canadian Forces JUSTAS Project  Thirteen years and running, JUSTAS is an attempt to buy HALE/MALE UAVs to patrol Canada's coasts, Arctic, and (armed) to deploy overseas.

See the JUSTAS Project Index for a complete listing of pages on JUSTAS candidate UAVs.

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