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This subject index lists pages ( from all CASR sections ) which discuss the DeHavilland Canada Buffalo aircraft. Such articles relate to the in-service Canadian Forces CC-115 Buffalo aircraft, its fixed-wing search-and-rescue role, and  DND's Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Project intended, in part, to replace the CC-115. Also covered are the CC-115's secondary role as an Arctic supply transport and certificate-holder Viking Air's efforts to introduce a 'new-build' DHC-5 NG Buffalo.

Entries in this CC-115 Buffalo index are listed  below by the relevant topic areas.

DeHavilland Canada  DHC-5  Buffalo   – RCAF CC-115 Buffalo Articles:

 • DeHavilland Canada CC-115 Buffalo  DND 101  feature with history and specifications.

 • Buffalo:  Tactical Transport and Arctic Sovereignty  Background on Arctic operations.

 • Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Aircraft: A Visual Guide  All current CF SAR aircraft.

 • New(er) Engines for the FWSAR Buffalo?  The re-engining options for the CC-115 fleet.

DeHavilland Canada  DHC-5  Buffalo   – Editorials and  News Releases:

   Editorial  –  April 2012
 • 'FWSAR Plus': Satisfing multiple RCAF operational requirements with Canadian aircraft

   Editorial  –  February 2012
 • Re-assessing FWSAR: Is USAF Disposal of C-27J Spartans a Procurement Opportunity?

   Industry News  –  May 2009
 • RCAF CC-115 Buffalo Heavy Maintenance Contract Awarded to Kelowna Flightcraft

   Industry News  –  February 2009
 • Viking Air: New-Production Buffalo Specifications Compared with the C-27J Spartan

   Editorial  –  December 2008
 • Billions to Italy  or  Stimulate the Canadian Aerospace Industry?  FWSAR controversy.

   Industry News  –  December 2008
 • Viking Air CEO  on  FWSAR CC-115 Buffalo – First Rebuilds, then New-Production?

   Editorial  –  June 2008
 • Air Force must focus on core missions - Time to calve off SAR  Contracting out FWSAR.

   Industry News  –  June 2008
 • Viking Air President and CEO Dave Curtis on Buffalo Spare Parts and Support Services

FWSAR Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Project – Background and Commentary:

 • FWSAR - Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Project  Background on DND FWSAR Project.

 • Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Project Timeline  In Detail  Tracking FWSAR – 2002-2013.

 • FWSAR Project Candidates  Background C-27J, C295, DHC-5NG, C-130J, KC-390, and V-22.

   •  See the separate Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Project Article Index for more details.

 • Rethinking Aerial Search and Rescue  A Modest Proposal based on the Coastwatch model.

 • C-27J Geneology:  Il Piccolo Hercules? [ I ]  Background One FWSAR candidate's origins.

 • C-27J Geneology:  Il Piccolo Hercules? [ II ]  Background One FWSAR candidate's origins.

 • FWSAR in the Canada First Defence Strategy  The Buffalo and FWSAR in 'Canada First'.

 • FWSAR & Arctic Utility - An Interim Solution  A Modest Proposal alternative for Buffalo.

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