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CASR 's DND 101 pages describe the in-service weapon systems of  the Canadian Forces. This Small Arms sub-index page provides a quick visual guide to CF specialist weapons. Other DND 101 Small Arms Sub-Indices include: Rifles, Machineguns, & Sniper's Rifles.

DND 101  —  Canadian Forces Small Arms  –  Specialist Weapons –  A Visual Guide

•   Pistols   •   Submachine Guns   •   Tactical Shotguns   •

Canadian Forces  Side Arms — Automatic Pistols

See: GSP (General Service Pistol) Project for plans to replace both 9mm pistol types

Browning High-Power
This standard CF sidearm dates back to WWII. Also called HP, FN, GP35, or just the  9mm  Automatic  Pistol.

CF designation:  Pistol, 9mm, Browning FN, HP, No 2 Mk 1*,  Calibre:  9x19mm NATO (9mm Parabellum),  Origins:  John Inglis, Ltd., Toronto  ( licensed from FN Herstal ).

SIG Sauer  9mm P225
Specialist sidearm  issued to navy boarding parties, MPs, aircrew, and general officers. ( P226s issued to JTF2 only)

CF designation:  Pistol, 9mm, SIG-Sauer, P225,  Calibre:  9x19mm NATO (Parabellum), Origins:  SIG Sauer GmbH, Eckernförde, Germany. (From HP-inspired Swiss SIG P220.)

Canadian Forces  Submachine Gun

Heckler & Koch 9mm MP5(N)
Primarily used by navy boarding party personnel, HK's MP5(N) SMG has a complicated delayed-blowback action to ensure accuracy with safety. The MP5(N) replaced the C1 Stirling SMG.

CF designation:  Gun, Sub-Machine, 9mm, H&K, MP5N [MP5A5N], Calibre: 9x19mm NATO  ( 9mm Parabellum ),  Origins:  Heckler & Koch GmbH, Oberndorf, Germany.

Canadian Forces  Tactical Shotguns

CF Tactical  Shotguns
Tactical shotguns are used in close-quarters. Standard tactical shotgun for the CF is the Remington 870P (top). Benelli's semi-automatic M3 Super90 is exclusive to JTF2

CF designation:  Shotgun, Pump, 12-gauge, Remington, Model 870,  Calibre: 12 gauge (18.5x76mm R or .729" calibre), Origins: Remington Arms Co Inc, Madison, NC, USA.

CF designation:  Shotgun, Pump, 12-gauge, Benelli, Model M3 Super 90, Calibre: 18.5 76mm R,  Origins: Benelli Armi SpA, Urbino, Italy. [NB: semi-auto with pump back-up.]

Note that, other than the WWII-era Browning High Power pistols, none of these side arms or specialist weapons are made in Canada so none are assigned 'C' designations.

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