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CASR 's DND 101 pages describe the in-service weapon systems of  the Canadian Forces. This Small Arms sub-index page provides a quick visual guide to the Canadian Forces rifles. Other DND 101  Small Arms Sub-Indices include: Machineguns, Sniper's, and Specialist.

DND 101  —  Canadian Forces Small Arms  –  Rifles –  A Visual Guide

Canadian Forces  Automatic Rifles

Diemaco C7A2 Rifle
A 'mid-life' upgrade for the C7 family with Elcan C79A2 optical sight, a Triad mount for laser designator and tac lights, and telescoping butt stock. Replacing C7A1s.

CF designation:  Rifle, Automatic, 5.56mm, C7A2,  Calibre:  5.56x45mm NATO (or .223" Remington),  Origins:  Updated C7/C7A1,  Diemaco Inc, Kitchener  (now Colt Canada).
C7 and C7A1 Rifles[1]
The Diemaco version of  the Colt AR-15A1/A2 automatic rifle. The first 'iron sight' C7 rifle entered service in 1984, followed in 1990 by the  flat top C7A1 with an Elcan C79 3.4x  magnified optical sight.

CF designation:  Rifle, Automatic, 5.56mm, C7 [... C7A1] ,  Calibre:  5.56x45mm NATO, Origins:  Diemaco Inc, Kitchener  (parallel development to US Colt M16A2/AR-15A2).

[1]  There was a third original Diemaco AR-15 type weapon, the Rifle, .22-calibre, C10. DND then cancelled this semi-automatic training rifle in .22" Long Rifle (5.616mmR ).
C8A3  Carbine  [2]
The C8A3 carbine is a 'new build' C8FTHB (below) with FT upper receiver and 40cm barrel. The C8A3 features a TRIAD mount, Ambi-Catch magazine release, and green plastic 'furniture' similar to that of the C7A2 upgrade, etc.

CF designation:  C8A3 - Carbine, Automatic, 5.56mm Colt, Calibre: 5.56x45mm NATO, Origins: Colt Canada, C8A3 can be considered a production version of the C8FTHB.

[2] 'C8A3' is the maker's designation.  The 'missing' C8A2 was a Danish Army carbine.
C8FTHB  Carbine  [3]
The C8FTHB (for 'Flat Top, Heavy Barrel') is a C8/C8A1 upgrade roughly equivalent to the C7A2 'mid-life' albeit on a more modest scale. The C8FTHB, as the designation implies, uses a 'flat top' C8A1-style upper receiver – with its built-in Weaver rail mount for sights – and a heavier, heat-dissipating 40cm barrel.

CF designation:  No confirmed 'C' designation (C8FTHB is a marketing name), Calibre: 5.56x45mm NATO, Origins: Diemaco (now Colt Canada), simplified  Diemaco C8SFW.

[3] The C8 update is variously referred to as the C8FTHB, C8A1HB, C8SFW or 'C8A2'.
C8 & C8A1 Carbines
The C8 and  C8A1 are short versions of  C7 / C7A1 rifles. C8s have iron sights, C8A1s have opticals. Both carbines have telescoping buttstocks and 38 cm barrels – vs 53cm for C7s. The new C8FTHB is a  C8/C8A1 update program.

CF designation: Carbine, Automatic, 5.56mm, C8 [C8A1] ,  Calibre: 5.56x45mm NATO, Origins:  Diemaco Inc, Kitchener  (Colt Model 725, equivalent to US  M16A2 carbine).
Canadian Forces  Bolt-Action Rifles [4]

See: New Canadian Ranger Rifle  (and NCRR P&A)  for plans to replace Lee Enfields

Lee Enfield No4 MkI*
A WWII-vintage bolt-action rifle, the .303" Lee Enfield  is used  by  Canadian Rangers. The No4 MkI* has a 10-rd magazine. The C No7 MkI is a single-shot .22" for training.

CF designation: Rifle, .303 Calibre, Lee Enfield, No 4 MkI*,  Calibre: 7.7x56mm R (.303" British),  Origins: Long Branch Arsenal, Toronto  (devel. from RSAF Enfield's SMLE).

CF designation: Rifle, .22 Calibre, Lee Enfield, No7 MkI, Calibre: 5.616mmR (0.22 Long Rifle),  Origins:  Canadian Arsenals Limited  (formerly Long Branch Arsenal), Toronto.

A replacement  for the .303" Lee Enfield was announced on 23 June 2015. The NCRR (New Canadian Ranger Rifle) will be the Finnish Sako Tikka T3 Compact Tactical Rifle assembled by Colt Canada in Kitchener, ON. NCRRs' service entry is expected in 2016.

CF designation: Unknown [NCRRs may receive a 'C' designation],  Calibre: 7.62x51mm NATO/commercial .308" Winchester,  Origins: Sako Oy design, Colt Canada licensed.

[4] There are other CF bolt-action rifles, such as the Diemaco-built target rifles, 5.56mm C11 (Sportco) and 7.62mm C12A1 ( RPA Quadlock ). There are also Anschütz models in .22" calibre, the 1403 target rifle and  1837 biathlon rifle. A true oddity is the folding stock SAR Rifle in .30-06" calibre, a modified Ruger Model M77 for use by SAR techs.

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