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CASR 's DND 101 pages describe the in-service weapon systems of  the Canadian Forces. This Small Arms sub-index page provides a quick visual guide to the Canadian Forces rifles. Other DND 101  Small Arms Sub-Indices include: Machineguns, Sniper's, and Specialist.

DND 101  —  Canadian Forces Small Arms  –  Rifles –  A Visual Guide

Canadian Forces  Automatic Rifles

Diemaco C7A2 Rifle
A 'mid-life' upgrade for the C7 family with Elcan C79A2 optical sight, a Triad mount for laser designator and tac lights, and telescoping butt stock. Replacing C7A1s.

CF designation:  Rifle, Automatic, 5.56mm, C7A2,  Calibre:  5.56x45mm NATO (or .223" Remington),  Origins:  Updated C7/C7A1,  Diemaco Inc, Kitchener  (now Colt Canada).
C7 and C7A1 Rifles[1]
The Diemaco version of  the Colt AR-15A1/A2 automatic rifle. The first 'iron sight' C7 rifle entered service in 1984, followed in 1990 by the  flat top C7A1 with an Elcan C79 3.4x  magnified optical sight.

CF designation:  Rifle, Automatic, 5.56mm, C7 [... C7A1] ,  Calibre:  5.56x45mm NATO, Origins:  Diemaco Inc, Kitchener  (parallel development to US Colt M16A2/AR-15A2).

[1]  There was a third original Diemaco AR-15 type weapon, the Rifle, .22-calibre, C10. DND then cancelled this semi-automatic training rifle in .22" Long Rifle (5.616mmR ).
C8A3  Carbine  [2]
The C8A3 carbine is a 'new build' C8FTHB (below) with FT upper receiver and 40cm barrel. The C8A3 features a TRIAD mount, Ambi-Catch magazine release, and green plastic 'furniture' similar to that of the C7A2 upgrade, etc.

CF designation:  C8A3 - Carbine, Automatic, 5.56mm Colt, Calibre: 5.56x45mm NATO, Origins: Colt Canada, C8A3 can be considered a production version of the C8FTHB.

[2] 'C8A3' is the maker's designation.  The 'missing' C8A2 was a Danish Army carbine.
C8FTHB  Carbine  [3]
The C8FTHB (for 'Flat Top, Heavy Barrel') is a C8/C8A1 upgrade roughly equivalent to the C7A2 'mid-life' albeit on a more modest scale. The C8FTHB, as the designation implies, uses a 'flat top' C8A1-style upper receiver – with its built-in Weaver rail mount for sights – and a heavier, heat-dissipating 40cm barrel.

CF designation:  No confirmed 'C' designation (C8FTHB is a marketing name), Calibre: 5.56x45mm NATO, Origins: Diemaco (now Colt Canada), simplified  Diemaco C8SFW.

[3] The C8 update is variously referred to as the C8FTHB, C8A1HB, C8SFW or 'C8A2'.
C8 & C8A1 Carbines
The C8 and  C8A1 are short versions of  C7 / C7A1 rifles. C8s have iron sights, C8A1s have opticals. Both carbines have telescoping buttstocks and 38 cm barrels – vs 53cm for C7s. The new C8FTHB is a  C8/C8A1 update program.

CF designation: Carbine, Automatic, 5.56mm, C8 [C8A1] ,  Calibre: 5.56x45mm NATO, Origins:  Diemaco Inc, Kitchener  (Colt Model 725, equivalent to US  M16A2 carbine).
Canadian Forces  Automatic Rifles [4]

See: New Canadian Ranger Rifle  (and NCRR P&A)  for plans to replace Lee Enfields

Lee Enfield No4 MkI*
A WWII-vintage bolt-action rifle, the .303" Lee Enfield  is used  by  Canadian Rangers. The No4 MkI* has a 10-rd magazine. The C No7 MkI is a single-shot .22" for training.

CF designation: Rifle, .303 Calibre, Lee Enfield, No 4 MkI*,  Calibre: 7.7x56mm R (.303" British),  Origins: Long Branch Arsenal, Toronto  (devel. from RSAF Enfield's SMLE).

CF designation: Rifle, .22 Calibre, Lee Enfield, No7 MkI, Calibre: 5.616mmR (0.22 Long Rifle),  Origins:  Canadian Arsenals Limited  (formerly Long Branch Arsenal), Toronto.

[4] There are other CF bolt-action rifles, such as the Diemaco-built target rifles, 5.56mm C11 (Sportco) and 7.62mm C12A1 ( RPA Quadlock ). There are also Anschütz models in .22" calibre, the 1403 target rifle and  1837 biathlon rifle. A true oddity is the folding stock SAR Rifle in .30-06" calibre, a modified Ruger Model M77 for use by SAR techs.

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