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DND  101
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DND 101

Canadian  Forces    —    Air  Command   Aircraft

CF  Transport Aircraft
Index/Quick Visual Guide

Tactical    —  Lockheed  CC-130E/H  Hercules
Utility/VIP –  Bombardier  CC-144  Challenger
Strategic  —  Airbus  CC-150  Polaris
Strategic  —  Boeing  CC-177 Globemaster III

CF  Helicopters
Index/Quick Visual Guide

Utility     —   Bell-Textron CH-146 Griffon
MHLH   —    Boeing  CH-147D Chinook
MHLH   —    Mil (Kazan)  CH-178  (Mi-17-V5)
Maritime —  Sikorsky  CH-124  Sea King
Maritime  —  Sikorsky  CH-148  Cyclone *
  Also see: Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP)

CF  Fighter Aircraft

Fighter  —  McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet
  Also see: In Detail  CF-18IMP,  & IMP Audit.

CF  Patrol Aircraft

Maritime —  Lockheed  CP-140  Aurora
Maritime —  Lockheed  CP-140A  Arcturus

CF  SAR  Aircraft
Index/Quick Visual Guide

FWSAR   —    DeHavilland  CC-115  Buffalo
Utilty/SAR  –  DeHavilland CC-138 Twin Otter
Rotary SAR – EH Industries CH-149 Cormorant

CF  Training Aircraft
Index/Quick Visual Guide

Display   —   Canadair  CT-114  Tutor
  Also see:  Snowbird Aircraft Replacement
Navigation – DeHavilland  CT-142  Dash-8
Basic     —     Raytheon  CT-156  Harvard II  ‡
Advanced –  BAE  Systems  CT-155  Hawk  ‡
  Also see:  SARP/Training Aircraft specifications
Helicopter — Bell  CH-139  Jet Ranger  ‡
UAV/target – Meggitt  CU-162 Vindicator

CF  TUAV and UAV  [1]

TUAV —  SAGEM (SAFRAN) CU-161 Sperwer
MALE UAV —  MDA/IAI Malat CU-170 Heron
  See:  CASR  Background for  CF UAV projects

   [1] Other than CU-161 Sperwer, CU-170 Heron and CU-162 target, all CF UAVs fall
   under Army control. This will change once the JUSTAS UAV project is completed.

    *  Denotes aircraft types not yet in, but about to enter, Canadian Forces service.
      Denotes types assigned a CF designation but leased from private contractors.
        Although "CH-136" is still used by the Air Force, the type was retired in 1992.
        These retired aircraft  ( now owned by contractor Bombardier and, technically,
        Bell 206s) are used  for Phase III  Helicopter Training at CFB Portage La Prairie.